Do you cater for Church and Civil Ceremonies?

Yes! We have experiance of Church, Civil, Outdoor, Marquee, Back Garden, Forest and many other types of weddings!

Do you cater for same sex couples?

Absolutely! Love is Love-end of story!

Where are you based?

We are based primarily in Leixlip, Co. Kildare but as we work on a freelance basis, depending on where our weddings are taking place, we occasionally work from locations in Carlow and Cavan.

Many “freelance” florists are actually only working part-time or as a hobby, is this the case with Sunflower Design?

No. We are a fully registered, full time, independent company.

What are your methods of payment?

Payment can be made by cash or credit transfer. Final payment for weddings must be made by transfer the week before the wedding or cash on delivery of bridal flowers the morning of the wedding. This is our preferred method of payment but if you wish we can discuss alternative payment plans in the months preceding the wedding.

What Guarantee do I have that everything will be perfect?

Apart from the fact that Sunflower Design is committed to excellence both in quality control and customer care, the vast majority of our work comes from word of mouth recommendations. (see our Testimonials and Our Couples Pages). Our business depends entirely on the reputation we have built. That reputation is our livelihood and every arrangement is made with this is mind. We appreciate that as a Wedding Supplier we only have “one shot” to get it right. That’s one of the reasons for such a detailed consultation process as well as ongoing communication via e-mail, phone calls and meetings, the most important of which being the meeting the night before the wedding. This is when you get to see your flowers ‘in the flesh’ and if any changes need to be made we have an opportunity to do that the night before which we wouldn’t have if we just delivered them in the morning.

Can I make changes even after I have confirmed with you?

Of course you can. We understand that extra items may need to be ordered or (in the current economic climate) budgets may need to be tightened – we will work with you on all of these issues. After our second meeting/phone consultation (which is usually within a month of the wedding) your flowers will have been ordered especially for you from Holland, so extensive changes at this stage, may incur charges that are beyond our control but we will always remain approachable and try to provide exactly what you want with a minimum of extra cost. Should you wish to make changes within 10 days of the wedding it may not be possible to source specific flowers as they need to be imported (some of our flowers come from Israel, America etc.) So if you do wish to make changes please contact us as soon as possible and bare in mind that once your order has been put through to our wholesaler, any excess stock may have to be added to your cost.

Can I bring someone with me to the consultation?

Certainly! Some couples come together (although if you are superstitious we may have to ask the groom to leave for a few minutes if you are discussing/showing us pictures of your dress!) Some people bring a Bridesmaid, their mother or best friend. They may remember things you wont and they know you much better than we do and can be great to bounce ideas off!

How is everything Delivered / Set up?

In most cases we deliver all the flowers to wherever they need to go – brides/grooms house, church, venue etc. We also do all of the setting up ourselves as, with the best will in the world, most venue staff / delivery drivers have no floristry experience. In some cases you may have delivery and set up costs but all of this will be listed on your quote so you know exactly where you stand.

Do you offer a preservation service?

At present we do not offer a preservation service, however we do have contact details for a company whose work we have seen and can recommend.