Bridal Bouquets

From a classic hand-tied bouquet of roses to a cascade of delicate orchids, we can provide the perfect bridal bouquet to reflect your style and personality. For weddings where we have a Bride (or two!) the design of the Bridal Bouquet is the most important part of the consultation and we take into consideration the style of your dress, flowers of sentimental value to you, your budget and the colour of the attendants dresses/suits to insure that you get a unique bouquet that carries and accentuates the theme of your wedding. We also like to reflect areas of interest in your own dress (for example lace/crystals/pearls etc) in the bouquet or on the wrap so that your flowers become as much a part of the outfit as your jewelery and serve to highlight rather than hide the detail in your dress. The shape and size of your bouquet is also an important consideration – a dress with a lot of detail on the skirt for example would be totally hidden by a large shower bouquet so something smaller would be more appropriate.