Bridesmaids / Attendants Flowers

There are no hard and fast rules these days when it comes to the wedding or the wedding party so depending on the structure of yours (groomsmen, bridesmaids, bridesmen, groomsmaids, maid of honour/man of honour) You can choose to contrast or co-ordinate your attendants flowers with your own.
With so many styles to choose from e.g.: posy, overarm, single stem, wrist corsage, wired bags and cones, the choice is endless. Depending on the style and colour of your attendants dresses/suits and the theme of the wedding you may decide to go for a different shaped arrangement for them or to add something special to your Maid/Man of Honours flowers in order to set them apart. You may also decide just to have white or ivory flowers for the attendants and colour in your own flowers for contrast against the dresses/suits. The rules are out the window and we are happy to discuss any ideas you might have!