Hire / Sale of Vases, Candlesticks, Wedding Arch etc.

We are constantly updating not only our range of Hire Items but also our list of trusted suppliers – If there is something you would like that we don’t have we are happy to source and price it for you.

Box Trees

Box Trees (2 Available)

Candlestick Arrangement (4 available)

Candlestick Arrangement (4 available)

Wedding Arch (1 Available)

Wedding Arch (1 Available)

Goldfish Bowl Arrangement

We also have a range of Glassware available to Hire/Buy – talk to Eileen for further details.

We have recently expanded our contacts within the Hire Sector and can now offer a wide range of items for Hire at competitive prices, through other companies including: Fairy Light Backdrop, Large Candelabra, various large vases etc.

Green Amaranthus trailing with beargrass.

Contact us for further information.