Price List

Because there is such a vast selection of flowers to choose from and so many other variables such as time of year, (availability, peak times such as Valentines Day/Mothers Day/Christmas) size of arrangements/bouquets, the quantity of flowers required, season, delivery distance and setup time, it is very difficult to give any more than an approximate price-list. For example we often get asked “How much is a Bridal Bouquet?” The answer depends entirely on what you want in it. A small posy of tulips in spring can be as little as €40 but for a cascading bouquet of orchids your cost could go into hundreds. It can depend also not only on the type of flowers you choose but on the time of year – red roses near Valentines Day for example will be at least double the usual cost – this is a very obvious example but sometimes people don’t realise that when Mothers Day is being celebrated in another country that can effect demand in the Holland Market and therefore price.

Even if you are very specific about what you want e.g.: ” How much for a Bouquet of  White Callas?” The price can vary dramatically form one bride to the next. (A size 8 girl for example will need a much smaller bouquet than a size 18 girl for everything to look generous and in proportion.)

This is why we engage in such a detailed consultation process. Many of our couples have expressed in the past that they “didn’t realise there was so much involved” or that they “never would have thought of that” but in order to have everything perfect on the day we believe that this in-depth consultation and attention to detail is well worth the effort. We would encourage you to contact us and arrange for a free consultation so we can discuss your budget and give you an accurate quote. We do not believe in a “Hard Sell” approach to clients and you will find that your consultation as well as being in-depth and informative, will also be relaxed and helpful. No commitment is required from you until after you have received your quote when you will need to call/text or e-mail us to confirm your booking.

We also believe that it is important to be open with clients about any potential problems from the outset so they know exactly where they stand. A perfect example of this would be Weddings that are in late December and early January. As the market shuts down for several days during this period, flowers for weddings at this time may not be as fresh as at other times of the year and many florists will not do weddings at this time as a result. For one such wedding last year the bride had requested Gerbera which are not generally long lasting. We explained this to her and suggested a back up plan using longer lasting flowers should the gerbera not be looking their best. As it happened the gerbera held well and we used the extra flowers in the arrangements for the hotel. The bride was delighted with the results and we were confident of being able to provide a ’safety net’ for her that she would be happy with. Discussing the potential problems and coming up with alternatives at an early stage meant that there would be no problems or panic as an alternative plan was already in place to cope.

In order to give you a guideline and to help you in planning your budget we have come up with a list of average prices for our most popular items. Many of the arrangements are available in several different sizes to fit your venue and budget and if there are arrangements you would like that are not listed, talk to Eileen at your consultation and she will price them for you.

Average Prices:

  • Bridal Bouquet: €70 – €150
  • Bridesmaids Bouquet: €50 – €90
  • Flowergirl Posy/Basket/Wand: From €15-€30
  • Corsages and Buttonholes: €3 – €10 (Bracelet corsages – pearl/diamante €5 extra)
  • Throw Bouquet: €20 – €30
  • Hair Flowers: From €10
  • Presentation/Thank You Bouquets: From €35
  • Pedestal Arrangements: Small €60, Medium €85, Large inc. Candles, €100 – €150
  • Altar Arrangements: Small €25, Medium €60, Large €75
  • Pew Bunches: Plain Bow and Greenery: From €5, inc. Flowers From €7
  • Candlesticks (Hire – large 5 arm floor standing) decorated with flowers: From €60 pair.
  • Box Trees (Hire – Lollipop shape 5′ tall) decorated with flowers and ribbon: From €60 pair.
  • Small Arrangements for Windowsills, Registry Table, Candle Arrangements: From €25
  • Wedding Arch (Hire) decorated with flowers: From €100 – €200
  • Top Table Arrangement: From €40 – €75
  • Guest Table Arrangements: From €25 – €70
  • Vase Hire (inc. basic arrangement of lily and greenery): From €15
  • Garlands (for fireplaces, pillars and staircases): From €50
  • Arrangements for Car (back window): From €20 – €50
  • Cake Arrangements: From €20 – €50

Please Note:

This Price list is intended as a guideline only and depending on the time of year, availability and variety of flowers chosen, prices can vary substantially. We are here to help so contact us today to arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss your budget and requirements with you and guide you in the best way to allocate your floristry budget in order to achieve the best effect. We have picked up a few tricks of the trade over the years and we can help you to get beautiful results even on a modest budget!